Hamas has managed to destory US president Joe Biden's

Over 5,000 rockets were fired at Israeli towns and settlements from the Gaza Strip and about 1,000 Hamas fighters entered Israel from road, sea and air in a well-coordinated operation against Israel.

Israel’s sensors were attacked and its security cameras were disabled as Hamas made use of advanced electronic warfare, jamming Israeli communications systems.

Watch hezbulla attck on israel

Taliban government has issued a strong condemnation of what they term as ‘war crimes’ perpetrated by Israel against Gaza.

Hamas Attack On Israel: Videos Of 'Celebrations' In Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon Surface On Internet

Turkey says Israel's call for Gazans to move south 'inhumane'

Iran warns it will be forced to take 'pre-emptive action' against Israel in 'the coming hours' as Jewish nation prepares for ground offensive on the Gaza Strip - sparking fears of wider conflict in the Middle East